Webinar: Reinventing Candidate Experience with Qualtrics & SAP SuccessFactors

Webinar: Reinventing Candidate Experience with Qualtrics & SAP SuccessFactors

Improving the Candidate Experience is a top priority for many organisations and it is therefore not surprising that the recruitment process provides a glimpse of the company culture.

A great Candidate Experience is the key to a positive employer brand and future recruiting success. And the feedback from candidates, whether they were successful or not, is what drives excellence.

When:                                    This webinar was hosted on Thursday 19 December 2019, but you can watch the recording below.

What to expect?

Sven Ringling, of Adessa Group, presented a webinar on Reinventing Candidate Experience with Qualtrics & SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting, with the purpose of understanding how organisations can achieve a world-class recruitment process.

Qualtrics, together with SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting, offers the possibility to have an end-to-end process, based on feedback, where candidates can directly help you improve your talent acquisition process.

Boost your candidate experience now and watch this end-to-end demo including the SuccessFactors integration with Qualtrics.


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