Free webinar on maximising the value of your Employee Experience (EX) Programme

Employee experience, engagement and well-being seem to be less important for some organisations in this challenging economic climate. However, organisations whose retention strategy has been reduced to “they have nowhere else to go” will soon be on the losing side.

Not only because employees will remember this way of treatment or because smart recruiters use this situation to build a pipeline for the next hiring phase, but because you need your employees to be well and committed in order to perform optimally in a volatile environment.

That´s why now is the time to set up or upgrade your Employee Experience Programme. The Employee Experience specialists of Feedback Works and Qualtrics EX consultants of Adessa Group will explain in this webinar how you can maximise the value of your Employee Experience Programme.


Date: Thursday, 14 May, 2020
Time: 10:30 AM CEST
Duration: 90 minutes

What to expect?

The webinar with live demo answers the following questions:

✦ Why your current Employee Experience Programme leaves money on the table?

✦ How to use the VALUE Chain method to plan and execute your EX initiative?

✦ How to build your EX roadmap?

✦ How the Qualtrics EX solution helps you turning data into insights into actions?

✦ How to integrate Qualtrics with SAP SuccessFactors for X+O data insights and moments that matter?

Save your virtual seat for the webinar on maximising the value of your Employee Experience Programme.


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