SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting – Don’t miss the highlights of the Q4 release

SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting – Don’t miss the highlights of the Q4 release

On November 8th, SAP deployed the new Q4 Release features into all preview environments. Customers can test and review the new features before they are live in the production environments on December 6th, 2019.

For SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting there are some great enhancements included in the Q4 release, which some customers have already waited for quite some time. Some highlights are Quick Apply, Evergreen Requisitions, Enhanced filter options on the applicant list page and Enhanced mass printing functionalities including additional attachments like certificates and references.


Quick Apply

With the new feature called “Quick Apply” it is much easier than before for candidates to apply for a job.

With this feature turned on, candidates can submit their applications in only a few clicks – without having to register at all. Having to create a candidate account is seen as an obstacle in the application process. With Quick Apply this obstacle is gone and this will have a positive effect on dropout rates in the application process.

To turn on the Feature Quick Apply you only need to add a new field in the requisition. After the field has been entered, Recruiting users will see a new switch in the requisition. When the switch is turned on, candidates will be able to use the quick application process. Thereby recruiting users can easily handle the feature and turn it on or off, even after the requisition was already posted.

Image 1: Quick Apply switch in the requisition


Evergreen Requisitions

Evergreen Requisitions is referring to jobs that are posted over a long period of time. Companies can use Evergreen requisition to generate a candidate pool for positions that are hard-to-fill or when a high volume number of positions available. This could be the case for jobs in IT or sales.

You can link Child requisitions to a Main/Parent Evergreen Requisitions. This can be very helpful for speculative application, because applications can be forwarded from the Evergreen Requisition to a linked child requisition. With this connection it is easier to track, if the candidate is sourced from the pool of an Evergreen Requisition. This feature can easily be handled by switching it on or off directly in the requisition. This feature also needs a new field added to the requisition template and the change of some permissions options in the template.

Image 2: Evergreen Feature in the requisition


Enhanced filter options on the applicant list page

The filter options on the applicant list page have been enhanced, which helps recruiting users to identify the best applications easier and faster by narrowing down the large amount of applications to a concise number of fitting candidates. Previous to this enhancement, recruiters could only filter on a few options like “candidate type” or “last updated”. Now more fields from the application are added as filters.

Recruiting users can now filter on many fields at the same time, which makes a precise selection of applications possible. Next to text fields, date fields and number fields also a cascading picklist fields (country, state and city) are included in the filter options. Furthermore, the overall search functionality has improved. For the filters to work, the user only has to enter a partial match.  Special characters are also supported. In case of number fields, a recruiting user can filter on a specific range from a to b, e.g. for the field salary expectations the recruiting user is able to filter all applications in a specific salary range.

The enhanced filter options in the applicant list page offer a great deal of improvement compared to only using the candidate display options for preselection. By filtering down the relevant applications on the applicant list page view, recruiting user do not manually have to compare and select applications, therefore screening can be faster and more accurate than before.


Image 3: Enhanced filter options on the applicant list page


Enhanced mass printing functionalities

Many customers didn’t like the SuccessFactors limitation in printing documents attached to an application. Before it was possible to mass print CVs and Cover Letters but no additional application documents like certifications and references. With the enhancement in Q4, it is now possible to mass print all application documents at the same time in merged pdf files.


Image 4: Enhanced mass printing functionalities


We hope, that you liked this short overview of some of the Q4 SuccessFactors Release Highlights. If you are looking for more detailed information on the Q4 Release features you will find them under or you can contact us directly.

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