SAP Teams up with Microsoft

SAP Teams up with Microsoft – Great news for SuccessFactors Customers!

…, but is this the end of the line for SAP JAM?

The recent announcement of a closer collaboration between SAP and Microsoft to integrate MS Teams with SAP solutions like SuccessFactors or S4 HANA was certainly welcomed by most customers.

Many of them use Teams as their main collaboration tool already and don’t like the fact that they have to use SAP JAM on some islands due to its integration with SAP SuccessFactors. Very few organisations use JAM as their main collaboration tool. So, will this Teams integration kill JAM?

I would expect this to happen in the long, long run, but there is still a lot of work to do before the new integrations are strong enough to really replace JAM especially in its role in SuccessFactors Learning. And then there are are so many customers using JAM in several niches with little incentive to move. It will be interesting to see, whether migration tools for content will be offered to make this easier, but the shelf life of JAM might be longer than we think.

On a more strategic thought: there is always the question how this will work out, if Microsoft becomes a major competitor of SAP in the HCM/HXM space with a stronger HR solution of their own built around – or rather behind Teams, Linkedin and Glint…

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