Visualizing HR Analytics by combining Qualtrics and SuccessFactors

Whilst everybody is talking about combining operational HR Data (O-Data) from SAP SuccessFactors and SAP HCM with Employee Experience Data (X-Data) from Qualtrics, most people still wait (aka: do nothing) for a big hairy HR analytics tool to do everything or analyse (aka: do nothing) the integration options.

Start Small with Qualtrics Employee Experience, rather than getting stuck in Analysis Paralysis

There is an opportunity for organisations, who are grasping that agility is one of the most important elements of Digital Transformation, to get ahead of the pack on the learning curve. You just need to use, what is already available, to achieve more than 90% of their peers are currently capable of, when it comes to generating insights from the combination of Employee Experience data from Qualtrics with SuccessFactors. All you need to do is leverage the statistics and dashboard tools available in Qualtics and the data plus simple integration technologies already available in SuccessFactors (such as scheduled reports, sftp, Integration Centre – graduating up to API integration later along the journey).

Qualtrics dashboard

Stop saying “next year” – be there in 3 months time from today!

On a reasonably conservative estimate: if you don’t have Qualtrics in place yet, but your core HR system is up and running, you could be reporting to your C-Suite with easy to use dashboards on experience based insights in, say, diversity and inclusion, just like the one on the top of this page in 3 months from now.

How to do this: apart from talking to Adessa Group, have a look at this video which shows:

  • How it works: the Big Picture concept with SuccessFactors and Qualtrics
  • Keeping the data and running the survey in Qualtrics
  • Working with a simple Qualtrics dashboard

Get a head start on the HR Analytics learning curve to drive Employee Experience

It’s a start for an exciting journey, which will give you valuable insights to act upon and allow you to learn about Experience Management (XM), Qualtrics and the cultural aspects, so you’ll be able to scale and benefit even more as the footprint of the solution and integration capabilities grow.



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This blog was originally posted on Sven Ringling’s LinkedIn page.

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