Career Development Planning and Succession

SuccessFactors Succession and Development gives organisation the visibility it needs to identify and anticipate the talent gaps in organisations as well as provide the insight required to help bridge those gaps. With support for individual, role, and position succession models and development plans, SuccessFactors Succession and Development helps via the following core components:


  • Succession Management – which is all about identifying critical roles and where there are gaps, identifying high potential employees and creating talent pools that extend succession deep into the organisation.
    It provides a great visual summary of the organisation. You can easily identify where talent gaps are, and you can highlight key positions with the click of a button. You can zoom in on key information – you can see successor readiness, risk of the employee leaving, the impact of that loss, identified successors – it gives you the ability to quickly measure your bench strength and take action.
  • Career and Development Planning – engaging employees through employee self-service, intelligent career pathing and suggested roles.
    This is where the needs of the company are aligned with the career goals of employees. This includes the career worksheet, a great tool for employees which gives them the ability to search through a database of job roles within the company to find one that matches their interest. In a click, they can see potential career paths.
    To help companies accelerate employee development and encourage continuous growth, SuccessFactors also offers a Mentoring tool. Designed to eliminate the manual and time intensive nature of mentoring programs and simplify the entire process.
  • Calibration – objectively identifying your future leaders. Visually compare employees across different dimensions for the purpose of objective assessment and succession planning decisions. Managers and HR leaders visually compare employees across different dimensions – for example, performance vs. potential for the purpose of objective assessment and succession planning decisions. Calibration sessions can be set up for different purposes and different data shown.

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Information SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals - Succession & Development
Information SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals - Succession & Development
Career Development as part of the performance cycle in SAP SuccessFactors
Career Development as part of the performance cycle in SAP SuccessFactors

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