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When looking at Performance Management Solution there’s really three core capabilities.

  • Goal Management: This is about aligning to company objectives, engaging employees through meaningful work, quickly adapting to goal requirements as bus priorities change.
  • Continuous Performance Management: These capabilities are meant to stimulate ongoing dialogue and feedback between managers and employees – to ensure work is always aligned to objectives, to ensure that employees are getting ongoing feedback and coaching that’s critical for driving continuous performance improvements, and to be able to recognise and develop employees at any time.
  • Performance Assessments: Which is one of the core processes in SuccessFactors. These capabilities allow an organisation to objectively and accurately assess the performance of their workforce and identify and reward top performers. This is all about gaining performance insight that’s not based on just one number of data points but a complete picture to ensure an accurate assessment of performance…making it easy and enabling mangers to do it in a meaningful way, all with tools that are never more than a page away from the one they’re currently working on.

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Information SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals
Information SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals
SuccessFactors continuous performance management
SuccessFactors continuous performance management

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