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Whether it’s helping reduce unconscious bias in recruitment or meeting the regulatory and legislative hurdles of a distributed workforce, to ensuring employee well-being or improving self-service and shared services, we have the answers.

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Talent Management

Video CV

Recruiting talent has become a minefield. From attracting a diverse talent pool while removing bias, to spending too many hours reading CV´s. From improving time consuming screening processes to keeping up with the fluidity of job roles. See how are using Al technology and tools to help you address these challenges.


Notification Generator

Job-related compliance requirements are often not flagged and thus acted upon, with these procedures often conducted manually, sporadically and often non-compliantly. See how we can help you become more aware and compliant.


Backbone of HR

Managing employee queries can be a massive drain on HR resources. Organisations are seeking to reduce costs and increase efficiencies through self-service but many simply don’t know how. See how we can deliver frictionless solutions using Al and chatbots to improve your employees’ experience.

Global Mobility & Verification

Distributed Workforce

The shift to a more distributed workforce means employers can look for talent in more locations. But this, along with Brexit, is driving complex changes in visa regulations and creating more paperwork, leading employers struggling to manage legislation for employees working globally. Find out how we can simplify this process, while remaining compliant with regulation.

Retaining Employees

Employee Wellbeing

Employees are now looking to their employers to help navigate their career paths and well-being. In fact, nearly three-quarters of companies offering wellness programs report improved financial sustainability and increased growth. Check out how we are using Al and predictive analytics to create more attractive and rewarding employee experiences.


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