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People solutions across the entire employee life cycle.

Your company, your processes and your employees are unique. Find the best solution to help you improve your productivity and the employee experience throughout the entire employee life cycle.

Simplified HR

Not much time or budget? Simplified HR is an easy-to-implement solution that covers the entire SuccessFactors suite, from core HR to talent. Best-in-class software, now available as a subscription for medium-sized companies.

Core HR

Make organisational and employee data transparent and accessible to your HR department, line managers and employees in a user-friendly, compliant way. Save time to focus on what really matters.


Payroll Solutions

Save time and keep your payroll processes compliant and reliable. Enhance the overall employee experience by reducing payment mistakes and increasing pay cycle efficiency.


Talent Management

Put people at the centre of your business, because your workforce is your organisation’s greatest asset. Improve the phases of the employee life cycle and turn employees into ambassadors for your company.

Recruiting Solutions

There is a war for talent and finding the perfect candidate may be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Attract and hire the best talent with the help of AI and machine learning technologies.


Workforce Management Solutions

Reduce overtime costs, eliminate unnecessary administrative processes, simplify compliance and improve the employee experience. Workforce Management adds business value to every aspect of your organisation.

Cloud migration and integration

Data Migration & Integration is the big elephant in the room: a boring topic nobody likes to talk about. However, it is crucial for your cloud’s implementation success. 

employee experience

Discover how your employees feel about your organisation, so you can take action based on their feedback and become an even better place to work. Your investment in a positive employee experience pays off with lower costs and higher revenue.


HR Innovation

Think out-of-the-box and use innovative solutions to catch up with the constantly evolving HR world. Reduce unconscious bias in recruitment, meet the legislative hurdles of a distributed workforce, ensure employee well-being and improve self-service and shared services.

HR Analytics

Drive business growth through HR data. Increase your effectiveness and improve decision-making accuracy by using real-time information. See how investments in people impact your business results.



expense management software

Is your organisation still relying on manual processes and paper receipts to manage your expense reporting process? If your answer is yes, then check out our automated, integrated travel and expense management solutions.

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