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Digital HR drives HR Transformation

HR transformation is the process of fundamentally rethinking and repositioning the Human Resources function in an organisation. This transformation not only incorporates people, process and policy, but also includes a very strong focus on the technology that supports them. In many organisations, the underlying digital HR technology is most critical to achieving HR transformation goals. 

How Adessa Group can help you consume Digital HR

At Adessa Group, we consider the adoption of digital HR technology to be one of the biggest challenges that HR teams will face over the next few years.  In order to guide customers through this exciting journey, we have developed a new era of services with a proven track record based on our experience with large and international organisations. These services span the entire lifecycle of your HR processes, including:

  • Design

    We can help you choose the right solutions and technology in order to build HR processes that meet your transformation goals.

  • Implementation

    Our consultants are experts in the implementation of the top HR technology, including SAP HCM, SAP SuccessFactors, WorkForce Software, and more.

  • Support

    HR ProCare offers an effective, budget controlled and flexible support delivery model for all of our customers.

  • Enhancements

    Adessa can help you select the right enhancements to tailor your HR technology landscape to your organisation’s needs.

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    Adessa Group is part of the SD Worx Group and founded in 2005 as a specialised, pan-European Human Resources service provider. The company was founded with the vision of supplying sustainable computer solutions through the development of an international network of subsidiaries, close to their customers and with the aim of growing organically. This vision was translated through the values that shaped Adessa’s corporate culture.   You can follow us on LinkedIn by clicking here.