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What makes working at Adessa special?
Working at Adessa is special because of many different things. First, the environment. The CEO is very approachable and when he talks about the company you can feel that he is passionate about the people that work at Adessa. The values in my opinion are very different from other companies, here they truly care about the employee, their needs and their well-being, and not only about making profit and treating the employee like a resource without even a name. What I also like is that here you have a great opportunity to develop in any direction you want, they will give you the tools and freedom to do so, and if you work hard I believe that you can achieve anything within the company. That’s very motivating as well, and a differentiator in my opinion from other companies where you’ll be stuck in a position forever.

Why would you recommend Adessa to someone else?
I would recommend Adessa for the dynamism, among others. Computer jobs might seem boring and tiring to look all day at a screen, but Adessa is far from that. Every day is different, you can have many roles and do many different activities, you can challenge yourself and get to wherever you want to go. There is place for all the profiles, from very geek and technical to functional to Project Manager to Sales to Management… every kind of person fits and enriches the company with their diversity. Moreover, the atmosphere is great , you feel like part of a family that work together to achieve a goal, which is the growth of the company. Also you can count on people as friends and not only co-workers, standing side by side and of course having fun together!!!

Silvia Moreno Rodríguez

Adessa Group is a pan-European technology & services consultancy covering HR, Payroll, Workforce Management & Experience Management processes. The company was founded in 2005 and as of 2020, part of the SD Worx Group. Adessa strives to improve our customers’ business performance and enable their employees to achieve their personal life and work ambitions through smarter technologies.   You can follow us on LinkedIn by clicking here.