HCM Consultant Belgium

HCM Consultant at Adessa Group

What makes working at Adessa special?
Since I’ve joined Adessa family, I have always been coached, mentored by my peers and Expert colleagues. The work environment has been ideal to start as a junior: motivating, challenging and encouraging with great colleagues always ready to listen, assist and support. Rapidly, I was given the opportunity to grow in a role in line with my competencies and aspirations.

Why would you recommend Adessa to someone else?
Spirit!! Both family and team! At Adessa, my colleagues are continuously supporting my growth and development . The Management Team is close to everyone and very approachable to talk to. A good atmosphere is key to feel motivated and engaged at work. I found this at Adessa!

Rudy Lejeune

Adessa Group is part of the SD Worx Group and founded in 2005 as a specialised, pan-European Human Resources service provider. The company was founded with the vision of supplying sustainable computer solutions through the development of an international network of subsidiaries, close to their customers and with the aim of growing organically. This vision was translated through the values that shaped Adessa’s corporate culture.   You can follow us on LinkedIn by clicking here.