SAP HCM Consultant Spain

SAP HCM Consultant at Adessa Group

What makes working at Adessa Group special?
The people, no doubt. To work at Adessa Group means to work in a family. In an environment where you feel confident to grow, because you know that you always have the support you need, every time. Also, the quality offered to every client. That is something I saw from the beginning. Adessa Group is growing thanks to its exceptional team and work (always teamwork, it is not a coincidence) and that is something that motivates me to keep learning and improving every day.

Why would you recommend Adessa Group to someone else?
You do not know how good you are until you work in a company like Adessa Group. Basically because, towards my colleagues, you feel you need to give the best of yourself and that makes you better in many ways: personally and professionally. Behind a company there are people. And that is what Adessa Group is: people who help other people.

José Javier Bermudez Soler

Adessa Group is a pan-European technology & services consultancy covering HR, Payroll, Workforce Management & Experience Management processes. The company was founded in 2005 and as of 2020, part of the SD Worx Group. Adessa strives to improve our customers’ business performance and enable their employees to achieve their personal life and work ambitions through smarter technologies.   You can follow us on LinkedIn by clicking here.