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SuccessFactors Learning Reporting

SuccessFactors Learning Reporting: ¨Oh SAC where art thou…¨

As SuccessFactors LMS Expert, I often get questions about Reporting in the SuccessFactors Learning Management Solution. Clients want to have status and usage reporting about how employees, managers and HR Business Partners (HRBP’s), are using and experiencing the Learning capabilities that are offered.  Some want to see their progress; others are looking for information on their team or a group of people (in a site or department).

The title ‘Oh SAC where art thou ….” refers to the highly awaited SuccessFactors Analytics Cloud solution that will improve Reporting and Analytics capabilities a lot. My colleagues, Chris Wilpert, has published a blog on this where he highlights some insights.

But for now, what reporting tools does SuccessFactors learning has to offer to this population? What is available and what has been improved?

In this article I will give you an overview on how Adessa Group, as a SAP SuccessFactors Partner, has managed to get rid of the pain points that prevent our managers and HRBP’s of using SuccessFactors Learning reporting in self-service mode today.

How to do this?

A good starting point, is to regularly go to the SAP SuccessFactors Community Site, to check for any updates on the inclusion of the learning dataset in People Analytics – Embedded Edition and we surely made sure to subscribe to any update notifications.  Good practice, for sure! This is just to say that we also can hardly wait to create nice reporting stories in embedded SAC on learning for our beloved managers and HRBP’s.

But does this mean that until embedded SAC will come for learning (no clear dates yet) that we should do nothing? Of course not! Let’s look at what is available today and what we can offer to improve that.

So, what are the tools that are available for everybody 

If we ask ourselves which tools we currently have available to serve end users with learning status reporting, two main answer will pop up:

  • Report Centre (the artist formerly known as Online Report Designer)
  • LMS (BIRT) reports (those reports natively included in the LMS)

Report Center

As long as the reporting need is straightforward and simple and does not need data from many different tables, Report Center can be your starting point.

The main drawbacks we experienced with Report Center is the performance (!) and limited possibilities (aggregations, available data,…) of the tool.

As you can see in the real live (intentionally) blurred example, this can work well for (automated) status reporting on compliance courses for example.  But hey, we are experts and are looking for more…

LMS (BIRT) reports for users

In the LMS module we also have a Report menu where a set of standard reports are available for managers and HRBP’s.

If you have ever used these, you will also recognize the problems that they contain. It starts with the representation of the data. If and only if your managers where able to select the correct csv delimiter to export the LMS csv reports, then they will finally be able to review reports in Excel that focus on a single data view. More often than not it would require more than 1 report to get the needed data insights for their team, department, “customers”….

Apart from csv reports, a set of standard PDF reports are available, but these can only be classified as having been originated from the año del catapún (if you pardon my Spanish). Or to say it in other words, the blue and orange – this is to test if you know what I am talking about – we all love and hate will not suffice to compel our managers to use self-service reporting in LMS.

OK, I got the message now. But what do you suggest?

Adessa LMS (BIRT) reports for end-users

The Adessa LMS consultants have been working on custom LMS reports since 2012. Throughout the years we have created an LMS report library containing +100 off the shelf available LMS reports. During this exercise we have also asked ourselves the question how we can better serve the end user population with LMS reporting.

As mentioned before, we are also looking forward to People Analytics success stories, but meanwhile we asked ourselves the following questions:

  • Would it be possible to provide managers with reports that provide a full status overview that launch on a single click?
  • Would it be possible to provide managers with summary information on their team?
  • Would it be possible to provide managers with reports that can immediately be opened in Excel?

As you will be able to read further down in this post, or even better, be able to see in the demo video below, the answer to all questions above is: YES!

What we will be presenting below is the default LMS User Report template created by Adessa. We will explain this reporting template by the example report My Team’s training plan.

Custom Tile taken from Adessa EZ Learning - Reporting direct Links
Custom Tile taken from Adessa EZ Learning – Reporting direct Links

This report will give a complete visual overview on all pending training actions of a team regardless of the source.

To address the population of managers and HRBP’s with Learning status reporting, we considered it important to make sure that the number of clicks needed to produce the status overview should be kept to a minimum. Therefore, we have developed a custom tile that will launch and run our Training Plan (and dashboard, but that is for a next post) report on a single click.

You might wonder why there are only two main links Training Plan & Dashboard) available for managers, but in fact these two main reports will give managers all the information they need about the learning status of their team.

A single click will produce the Adessa user report template that we have applied to all user reports in our SuccessFactors reports library. The example shown below is the My Team’s training plan.

My Team’s training plan
My Team’s training plan

The manager will be presented with a summary information on current team status, indicating number of employees overdue, actions and hours planned, budget and average budget planned. These KPI’s are some of the many examples we have in our library.

Apart from a summary overview the manager will also be presented with a detailed table listing the detail of all training actions. This table can be exported to true Microsoft Excel file format on a single click.

See the above in action in the video below.

What’s next?

Tune in next time when we continue to talk about SuccessFactors Learning reporting but in the next post we will give you some insights in what the Simplified HR learning reporting library has to offer for learning administrators.

Here’s a compilation of our recent blogs on Talent Management, with focus on Learning Management and Performance Management. Stay safe and happy reading.

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Post by Kwinten Joly is SuccessFactors Consultant at Adessa.


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