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Podcast: “Multi-country Payroll Implementation: Lessons Learned” with Raven Intel

Multi-country Payroll Implementation: Lessons Learned” with Raven Intel

Multi-country Payroll Implementation

Luc Bossaert from Adessa Group had the opportunity to chat with Bonnie Tinder and Michele Davies, Founders and Partners of Raven Intel,  about a session they will be leading at Unleash, London, March 19-20th (“Multi-country Payroll Implementation: Lessons Learned from Over 200 HR Professionals”).

In this 7-minute podcast, we cover some of the highlights of our “HCM Implementation Mythbusters” research, as well as describe what they’ll be presenting during our session.  We hope to see you there!

Read the full Podcast:

Hello, I’m Luc Bossaert from Adessa Group and I’ll be running the Multi-Country Payroll track at the UNLEASH conference in London March 19th to 20th.  I’m happy to be joined by Bonnie Tinder and Michele Davies, both from Raven Intel who will be leading a session on Tuesday, March 19th on the topic of “Lessons Learned in Multi-Country Payroll Implementation”.    

Since the start of Raven Intel, little over a year ago, they have collected data on over 200 implementation reviews from customers around the globe.  They’ll be sharing some information about that in the session at UNLEASH. Bonnie and Michele, welcome to you both! 

Bonnie – Thank you so much for having us. We are looking forward to UNLEASH as well as the Multi-Country Payroll track, so thank you.

Luc – So, tell us a little about Raven Intel.

What does Raven Intel do and what is the problem you solve?

Bonnie – Raven Intel, which was founded in 2018 is a B2B peer review site, similar to TripAdvisor or a glass door and it helps customers to find, hire and review the best consulting firm for their HR software project.  We cover SAP SuccessFactors, Workday, Oracle HCM, Cornerstone, ServiceNow and Ultimate Software implementations, which are led by a third-party consulting firm.

My background is that I’ve had over 25 years of experience in the HR tech industry and I really saw the need to improve implementation and give customers tools to make a well-informed partner selection. So, I founded Raven Intel with Michele last year.  We are bringing transparency into the project and consulting world, in an effort to help improve the software implementation process.

Luc – You just released the results of your research. Michelle, can you tell us a little more about that?

Michele – Yes absolutely. So, I am a data scientist and I head up both the collection of reviews and the development of research at Raven Intel and we just produced a few months ago a research report called HCM implementation MythBusters. In which we test a number of commonly beliefs against the data from all reviews. 

Luc – Okay, that sounds interesting.

What are the quick highlights of your HCM Implementation Mythbusters research?

Michele – Well, we found one of the myths that we tested is, the more complex a project, the less happy the customer. However, we found that customers are happy in simple projects and in complex projects. It are the ones in the middle level where they´re not as happy. We have measured complexity in a couple of different ways, in terms of the number of modules. People that are doing one module are happy, people having 5 or 6 modules done, are happy, it’s the folks in between where the customer satisfaction with the implementation is lower. We also see that exact same pattern, with the number of global regents that are in stoke for the project.

Another myth that we test, is that you can judge very clearly whether your Consulting project was a success or failure and what we find is that it really depends on where you sit on the project at the customer side. So, for example, executive sponsors and decision-makers tend to judge projects and their implementation partner very highly. The folks who are on the ground during the day in and day out a work of implementation on the customer side, tend to judge the projects a little more critically. If you’d like to read the whole report, you can find it on our website which is

What would you be covering at the UNLEASH data conference?

Bonnie – Well, specifically, we are going to take this data of these over 200 implementation reviews that we have and these are implementations of the technologies that I’ve mentioned before, from around the globe. A good number of them from Europe and we’ll be sharing the lessons learned from those customers during our session. Specific to Multi-Country Payroll implementations and we’ll talk a little about why those are so complex and what are those things that make a Multi-Country Payroll implementation more complex, than let’s say a talent implementation.

We’ll tell the audience what are some top treats of successful projects. What do we hear over and over in these reviews that makes projects successful and also what are the hallmarks of the painful implementation. As I mentioned before, we’re really going provide that real feedback from customers and hopefully helping our audience members really improve the outcome of the project that they might be embarking on in terms of a Multi-Country Payroll implementation. So, yeah, our session is actually on Tuesday March 19th starts at 11:45 will be in room 3 and we’re really excited about being there and meeting a lot of the customers who have payroll and most certainly Multi-Country Payroll in their future.

Luc – Okay, well, we’ll look forward to hearing more than on the March 19th at the ExCeL UNLEASH conference in London. Thank you both Bonnie and Michelle for joining and thanks to all for being with us on this podcast. I’m looking forward to to seeing you all at the UNLEASH London conference in ExCeL Center 19th to 20th March my name is Luc Bossaert, bye for now.


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