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Podcast with Uniqa about their Qualtrics project

Uniqa Adessa

How Qualtrics can help your organization

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Learn how Qualtrics and Adessa Group helped to kick-start Employee Experience Management for an insurance company in time for a major company leadership meeting.  At record speed.

Uniqa International is an insurance company serving 10 million customers across 16 countries with 19.000 employees.  As part of the on-going change program at their Uniqa Hungary subsidiary, they wanted to use the Qualtrics solution for Employee Experience Management to collect feedback from their 500 employees, analyse the data and share the insights with all line managers.

Adessa Group was approached to support this project as a Qualtrics implementation partner. The main challenge we faced was a very tight timeline requiring almost record-breaking implementation speed: the results of the first survey were an important ingredient for a company leadership meeting only weeks away, when we started. Therefore, the survey had to be live 2 weeks after our first contact and just 4 days after the project kick-off.

We took up the challenge and enjoyed working with the fabulous team at Uniqa, who did a great job with the internal communication. Resulting in a successful project, with a very good response rate to begin with.

However, the proper judge for this is always the customer.

So let’s hear what Ivan Siposz, HR Director of Uniqa Hungary, has to say in this interview with Luc Bossaert.



Read the full Podcast on this Qualtrics project:

Good morning and welcome to this podcast by Adessa Group.

My name is Luc Bossaert and I am partner at Adessa Group. Today I am with Ivan Sipocz of Uniqa to discuss the outcome of a Qualtrics project. We will be discussing an urgent  problem that needed to be solved, as well as touching upon the solution and collaboration between Uniqa and Adessa Group to make it happen.

Luc – Hello Ivan, thank you for joining us.

Ivan – Hi Luc

Luc – Can you tell us more about Uniqa as a company and your role in the company?

Ivan – Uniqa is a global Insurance company,  selling, life and no-life insurances, with roughly 500 employees in Hungary, but is part of a Central European Group of Uniqa International serving 10 million customers across 16 countries with 19.000 employees. I am the Human Resources Director, also responsible for culture and organisational development and it is in that quality that I was dealing with Qualtrics and Adessa Group.

Luc – Ivan, I understand you have recently started using Qualtrics for an Employee Experience initiative. What was the business challenge that you were facing at that time? 

Ivan – The business challenge was more of a strategic challenge for us. We have a vision of becoming the best company, or the company offering the best customer service, let’s put it this way. We are already collecting a lot of customer feedback about the way we work and the way we serve our customers, but we also believe that good customer service is only possible with satisfied and motivated employees. So it was obvious for us to stay, if you ask our customers about how do they feel, we should do the same effort and ask our own employees about how do they feel, how do they work, what do they think about the change process we are going through, in order to make sure that we address the right people and organisational issues and that should raise their satisfaction.

Luc – That sounds interesting. What was it that made you decide to go for Qualtrics as a solution?

Ivan – As I mentioned, we are in a big change process and the ultimate vision of us is being the best customer service company in Hungary.  This goes through employee satisfaction, but it also goes through having the right and “fast” processes in place. One of the keys to have fast processes in place, is having the right decision chain, where decisions are delegated to the right level, as lowest as possible. Now in order to do so, you have to empower our management, if you want them to take those decisions.  As one of the objectives to increase and work on employee satisfaction, you would have to provide them liable and accurate data on employee satisfaction and change issues. That’s why we were looking for a tool which would provide us with data in an easily readable way, so that we can enable our management to access this data directly and use their data as per day on discretion.

Luc – So Ivan, you talked about employee satisfaction and employee engagement that you want to measure. How was the participation level of the Uniqa employees?

Ivan – It was extremely high to our big surprise and pleasure. It was 80% and what is even more interesting, it was 80% within a week! So usually you keep up surveys for 2 weeks or even longer. This first survey was only kept open for a week and we had 80% of our employees trusting us with the answers.

Luc – And how did Adessa Group contribute to this success?

Ivan – We got to know Adessa Group via SAP and Qualtrics. They recommended Adessa Group for implementation of Qualtrics, and to be very straightforward  I am extremely pleased with them, both with the quality of the work as with the speed of the collaboration. I think I am not exaggerating too much to say that taking everything into consideration we did the implementation within two weeks, from our first contact to the launch of the first survey. And it was very important for us to have such partner who can do fast implementation, because we had a very tight deadline and it was to our greatest pleasure that we reached this deadline to implementing the system within two weeks.

Luc – Can you share some of the lessons learned and the next steps in Uniqa´s journey?

Ivan – First of all, for all those listeners who are considering the implementation of Qualtrics it is really a nice tool and it can be implemented very fast. There is also a lesson about, you can be fast implementation if you are well prepared. So, we had all the questions ready, we had all the structures ready, we all the files ready, when we were still negotiating with Qualtrics. They didn’t know we had everything prepared for the implementation.

Second, we were very, very straightforward and absolutely transparent about what we wanted.  We also said we are flexible, if things are not possible, we prefer to not to force, in order to save time. So, another key takeaway is that you have to be flexible and you are not taking risk by being flexible, because the system is really great and you can really taylor it in thousand different ways.

And then maybe the last takeaway is that you have to trust Qualtrics and their partners. These guys know, they did it already. So, if they say something is possible, something is difficult or not recommended then just let it go and let’s follow the flow and then they would probably recommend the best solution. These are the take aways.

For us the next step is, now we going to start using Qualtrics survey on a quarterly level. Of course, it’s a learning process for our management to get to know how to read the data, how to interpret the data, how to take action regarding the outcomes and conclusions. How to share the data with the employees, because this is traditionally an HR topic. HR is in charge of running surveys, but we want to empower our management. It is really making it a shared agenda having satisfied employees everywhere.

So, next steps would be learning, learning, learning how to use the system and then on the longer-term to look for some certain upgrades and considering Qualtrics for external surveys for customers and partners.

Luc – Well I am sure we will be hearing more on that later. Now Ivan, let me thank you very much for taking the time for this interview.

Ivan – No, my pleasure. Again, for us it was a very successful step during your journey, and I was really, really pleased I was working with Adessa Group.  I never thought we could do it, but I hope we could do it in such a short period and we did it in such a short period and the system is really so flexible and we could really make it to our needs.

Adessa Group is one of the only SAP SuccessFactors partner that is also a certified Qualtrics partner.  If you want to discover what the power of Qualtrics can be, integrated with SAP SuccessFactors, feel free to contact


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