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Why Multi-Country Payroll Implementation is challenging (results from Raven Intel survey)

Challenges of Multi-Country Payroll Implementation

Discover the myths and truths of Multi-country Payroll Implementation and why payroll implementation is so challenging, by viewing the presentation of Bonnie Tinder & Michele Davies from Raven Intel. It presents the lessons learned from more than 200 HR professionals and highlights the steps to success.

Analysis of the Customer Review Data of Multi-Country Payroll Implementation

As you may know, Raven Intel allows customers to rate the service of their partners based on a 1-5 scale analysis that indicates overall customer satisfaction with the service, to give customers the best information about what they can expect from their partners. These customer review data are gathered in an analytics report.


Adessa Group Project Review Ratings - compared to the rest of the industry
Source: Raven Intel

As a customer of Raven Intel, with access to their industry benchmark data, we can see that Adessa’s overall customer satisfaction score is 19% higher than the rest of the industry. In fact, we score even 24% more than the rest of the industry on both the implementation process and the quality of the consultants. This shows that although the payroll implementation is challenging, we always strive to implement payroll processes as smoothly as possible for the customer.

Read our reviews on Raven Intel or tell us your story about our partnership.

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