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Employee Central Advanced Reporting – Self Training

Employee Central

Employee Central Advanced Reporting – Self Training

The Online Report Designer (ORD) is still the best tool, all customers have, to get data out of their Employee Central System. With the slow adaption of the Story feature (SAP Analytics Cloud embedded in SuccessFactors) I see most customer still rely on ORD. Frankly said, it is mostly because the configuration of IAS is still a bit painful.

In this article I want to give you a little self-guide how to make the best out of free sources from SAP to learn ORD and get familiar with EC Advanced Reporting. That includes use of the Standard / Advanced Reports in Employee Central + Validation, learning the basics for ORD and start touching more complicated reports. This won’t replace a ORD training, but it should be enough to survive till you fully transit to Story Reporting (SAP Analytics Cloud embedded in SuccessFactors).

Learn ORD like a pro via Learning Hub

Learning Hub is the number one place to go for every SAP consultant, but also some clients have some licenses. If you do you may can skip all the free sources and learn like a pro. In “Learning Hub > Content” look for the following Course: “SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics Embedded Edition Q4/2019”. In this course you will not only learn the most important stuff around ORD but also other Reporting tools like YouCalc Tiles, BIRT Templates and the new Story Reporting.

Where to find Online Report Designer and EC Advance Reporting Information

That information is not populated in Employee Central. You will find them under SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics. This page contains documentation for all Reporting, Analytics and Planning solutions in SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite. It also contains documentation for SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics, embedded edition.

ORD Training - WFA Help

Do not ask me why they don’t call it People Analytics because that’s how they brand everything now. Anyway. Please do not give up if some of the links does not work anymore. Over the past years SAP changed structure and links so often that I do not expect them to work forever. I will always give you some keywords you can search for.

Use and Leverage EC Standard Reports / Advanced Reporting

Before creating an EC Report I would always check if SuccessFactors may provide something similar in their Standard Report or if I just need to amend an advanced reporting. It will save a lot of time in most of the cases. Where to find them?

SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics > Operate > Reporting Templates

ORD Training - Reporting Templates

You will find some PDF’s giving you an overview/list of all the EC Standard and Advanced Reporting. I highly recommend the “Employee Central Advanced Reporting:Technical Guide” if you may have problems with validation (will go in detail later) and need to rebuild the report.

You will get four packages of Standard and Advanced Reports:

  • Advanced Reporting: Employee Central – Basic Report Templates
  • Advanced Reporting: Employee Central – Advanced Report Templates
  • Advanced Reporting: Employee Central – Country-Specific 1 Report Templates
  • Advanced Reporting: Employee Central – Country-Specific 2 Report Templates

Please pay close attention as guides, reports and information will get updated with each release update. That’s also the reason why I don’t link them.

Free Online Report Training with SAP Sources

A full Online Report Designer Training takes normally around 2-3 days and it is often a bit more tailored to your needs. Nevertheless, you are able to learn most of it by yourself using free SAP documentation and guides. It would take me too long to explain and comment all the documentations and guides. Have a look at each of it and study them:

SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics > Operate > Administration

  • Advanced Reporting in the Online Report Designer
  • Detailed Reporting in the Online Report Designer

SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics > Operate > End-User Information

SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics > Operate > Reference

This are the main sources which will teach you basic and some advanced features of the Online Report Designer in SuccessFactors. You may also find useful information using the Search, the SAP Support Portal or the Customer Community. Please be aware that some of the documentations and guides  are described in an old ORD design. Things changes a bit with the Report Center and in ORD itself (read all you need to know about the Report Center here).

There are two guides I want to highlight and explain a bit further…

Validation of EC Standard & Advanced Reports

An EC Implementation is different for each customer. You always will find a unique setup with different fields and likely a different cooperation structure. That makes it very difficult to provide out of the box Reports to work right away for everyone. In those cases, you get a Tool in SuccessFactors called “Report – Canvas Validation”. This guide will explain you in detail how to use this feature and correct the report or amend it to make the report work for you.

SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics > Operate > End-User Information > Online Report Designer Validator (How-To Guide)

ORD Training - Validate Cancas Report

Create Advanced Change Reports in Employee Central (Before /After)

This Guide will give you a very good understanding of creating a Before/After Report in SuccessFactors. Data in EC is not always easy to extract. Even with a smart logic of joins you may not reach your desired structure for the report. An excellent example is a before after Report where you want to see in one row which values the employee had for a specific field. Business cases could be promotion/termination or transfer lists. Please do not forget that some of the guides are still made with old UI’s the concept remains the same.

SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics > Operate > End-User Information >  Advanced Reporting: Create Change Reports Manually

Do you need help with complicated EC Reports?

With this article you get all sources you can have for free! Are you ready to use ORD to create your very own reports? If you struggle with some existing reports or got a requirement to create something more complex you may consider getting an SAP partner involved. Knowing that all legacy reporting tools will sunset you might not want to invest in further ORD trainings but get what you needed asap.

What will happen with ORD Reports?

Just to remind you: ORD will be sunset in the future and replaced by the Story Repot feature (a version of SAC embedded in SuccessFactors). There will be no migration path from existing reports to the new tool. No worries, ORD is not dead yet and there are still valid reasons why you should use ORD for now. I also wrote an article of what kind of SuccessFactors reports are still worth to build before every customer adopted the new tool.

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Post by Chris Wilpert – SAP SuccessFactors Consultant and leads the SF Reporting Centre of Expertise at Adessa .


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