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How Thalys created one single source for HR Data

Thalys Adessa

About Thalys – a human-scale train enterprise

Thalys connects four European countries – Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and Germany – via high-speed trains. The organisation focuses on the most advanced railroad technologies. Thalys trains are high-tech innovations that can accommodate up to nine distinct signage systems and four types of electrification. Their train drivers and train managers are specially trained and comply with the national regulations.


The reasons why Thalys required an HR solution

Thalys transformed into a railway company in 2015 from 180 to 700 employees. The company operates in two countries, employs many people, and uses various types of contracts. Because their data was housed on different systems, a complex scenario emerged.

Thalys found that its current HR system no longer met the needs of the HR department. It took too much time and effort to consolidate and manipulate the data to develop legal reports or internal KPIs.

Thalys needed

  • Desire to reduce administrative costs & coordinate HR Processes
  • A solution that could be integrated with the Workforce Planning tool and third-party Payroll Software
  • Reduce administrative costs of data processing and coordinate business processes across borders

Project Scope

Thalys headquarters are located in Blegium, the project affect +750 users and was delivered in six months!

Why Adessa?

Recognize HR Expertise

Thalys chose Adessa for this implementation and integration project because of their significant experience in integrating HR solutions. Our local knowledge was also an important factor for Thalys. We have a dynamic team of functional and technical experts to build solid and long-term partnerships.

The Result

After the go-live of the project, the company has seen widespread acceptance of the solution by employees and management. There is real-time information and insight into HR data which is easily accessible by different types of employees.

With this cloud solution, the administrative costs and efforts reduced, while the reliability of the data improved. Now the company can easily send the data to other tools, particularly payroll to obtain real-time data. This was not the case before SuccessFactors.

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