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It’s time to go Back to Business! And what better way to start 2020 than driving through the various Digital HR topics? We want to help you get back on track and have a successful year. That’s why we treat you with a special campaign: Back to Business! Stop trying to figure out everything on your own and get all the answers to your questions from our HR experts! During the coming weeks we will review some of the most relevant HR challenges:

  • Employee Experience (Employee Lifecycle Program | Qualtrics)
  • Recruitment
  • Continuous Learning & Performance Management
  • Transformation to the Cloud (from SAP HCM to Cloud HR)

The purpose is to close the ¨how¨ gap. In other words: we are all aware of the HR challenges and trends, and we all know that HR transformation is the solution, right? However, the question is: how? How can HR transformation and technology help you achieve your goals and overcome your challenges? How can HR technology support your business goals in a context of digital transformation? And how can (poorly or insufficiently used) HR technology stop your organisation on its journey to digital success?

We bring you the answers, stay tuned!!!

The topics of this Back to Business campaign

Employee Experience - Adessa Group

You will find important information about Employee Experience and the importance of the company culture. These two topics are closely related, because the Employee Experience influences the corporate culture and conversely.

We will discuss questions like:

  • How can you measure your Employee Experience?
  • How can you improve Employee Experience?
  • What impact does your culture have on your employees?

The job market is now candidate driven. Only 30% of your potential candidates are looking for a job (source: LinkedIn) and top candidates are only available in the market for 10 days (source: Office Vibe). Those are crazy statistics, right?

We discuss the current recruitment challenges and propose a solution to find candidates faster. Did you know that Employee Referral is recognised as the fastest way to find candidates?

We’ll show you a live demo of Hunterz, a highly innovative referral app that integrates with many HR solutions.

Recruiting - Adessa Group
Performance & Learning Management - Adessa Group

The fastest growing segment of the HR market today is tools and systems for learning. Why? Because everyone’s job changes instantly and we all want to learn as quickly as possible. Learning, together with Performance Management, is one of the hottest topics in HR for 2020 (and the coming years).

You can check out an interview with our HR Director, Sylvie Badoual, about the needs of the companies, the needs of the employees, the current challenges and how we can use technology to overcome these challenges.

In addition to this interview, we will reveal to you the top secrets of Performance & Learning Management in SuccessFactors

If you are still using SAP On Premise, you will particularly like this topic. Over the past ten years, technology has changed enormously. We are confused, about the Cloud: why move, what is it, and how do you get there?

Our expert Sven Ringling discusses everything in detail what the challenges and fears were when switching to the Cloud, and how technology is developing faster than people.

Lastly, we’ll provide you with some ¨tips & tricks¨, considerations you should keep in mind when moving your SAP On Premise system to the Cloud.

Transformation to the cloud - Adessa Group

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