Adessa Group offers Qualtrics services for SAP HCM and SuccessFactors customers

Adessa Group offers Qualtrics integration and delivery services for SAP HCM and SuccessFactors customers

Opens EMEA Practice with Qualtrics Certified Consultants


Interesting days for SAP HCM and SuccessFactors customers. With SAP Qualtrics, the recent addition to SAP’s cloud portfolio, SAP opens up Experience Management capabilities to its current and future customer base.

Employee Experience Management is the process of monitoring every interaction employees experience with a company in order to discover opportunities for improvement. The way this is achieved is to combine operational data (O) with experience data (X) to get a complete view of all events inside and outside of work that impact the employees. Then support them at every moment that matters

For decades, SAP has been the leader in business applications that generate and leverage operational data (O-data) such as costs, accounting, and sales, to support business decisions.

This is the “WHAT has happened”.

That’s already giving a good perspective, but it’s not complete and does not tell anything on the “WHY”.  To get the full picture, you need to understand customers’ thoughts and emotions as they interact with your company by gathering and analysing so-called experience data (X-data).

Recently, SAP launched it’s first SAP-Qualtrics X&O scenario’s:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Lifecycle
  • Employee Benefits Optimizer


But there are more “X&O” data avenues, and you can have faster access to them, as Sven Ringling explores in his article “Combine X-Data and O-Data Today with SAP SuccessFactors and Qualtrics EX

Adessa Group is offering SAP, SuccessFactors & Qualtrics certified consultants to give you quick access to the combined power of these solutions townhomes for sale san diego.  We do this within a typical pan-European delivery model, offering local languages combined with remote services. All compliant with GDPR rules.

For more information on Qualtrics EX for SAP & SuccessFactors, contact

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