Q3 2018 SuccessFactors Release Highlights: Learning Management

SAP SuccessFactors has delivered enhancements and updates across the SAP SuccessFactors® HCM Suite as part of their Q3 2018 Release.  In this blog, I will discuss a few key updates in SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management (LMS).

1. Course Home

What is it?

  • Course Home is the new Learner experience for easy access to and launching of online courses.
  • Course Home includes a complete re-design of the user experience for a number of features, including the course Landing Page, the Registration Process and Launching an online course.
  • In this latest release most limitations from previous (preview) releases have been cleared
  • Course home can now be enabled in production instances.

What is the added value?

  • A more streamlined user experience for Online Training launch and Registration Process
  • Enhanced detail screens for Learning Items
  • Allows employees to consume training in a much more user-friendly and intuitive way

Who can benefit?

  • All customers with Learning Management (LMS) can enable this feature with limited configuration steps
  • Course Home is ready to be enabled in client’s Production environments
  • Although most limitations have been solved in this release, keep in mind some minor limitations still apply

2. Personalised learning recommendations

What is it?

  • Personalized learning recommendations are driven by machine learning capabilities (facilitated by SAP Leonardo) and enable targeted training recommendations to end-users.
  • Training is recommended based on employee’s previous learning activities and profile information
  • Employees can maximize the relevancy of recommended training by indicating topics they are interested in.

What is the added value?

  • Employees can easily consult relevant and personalized training based on their preferences, profile and previous learning activities
  • Employees spent less time on browsing the catalog and searching for relevant training

Who can benefit?

  • Note: The feature is being restricted to customers who qualify to be included in the early adopter program.
  • Customers who wish to join this Programme must express their interest by completing a form.  Click here to access it.

3. Mobile enhancements

Several mobile enhancements are included in this release.

  • Integration between Learning Management (LMS) and Continuous Performance Management (CPM)
    • This is a Mobile-First feature
    • Features:
      • Allows users to create CPM activities from their learning plan and CPM achievements from their learning history
      • Allows users to mark CPM Activities created from learning items as completed once the item is successfully created (from the learning history)
    • Added value:
      • Enhances the User Experience for mobile.   It removes the need to navigate between learning and CPM to add CPM activities/achievements for learning activities
      • Reduces manual data entry by auto-populating the course name in CPM
      • Contributes to an integrated talent environment, also on mobile
    • Note : Expected to be released in September 2018


  • Also noteworthy are these Mobile enhancements:
    • Users can now consult and complete learning programs via the mobile application (both for iOS as Android). Previously this feature was not supported and this is an important step forward in the full mobile learning experience. Expected release date for IOS : August 2018 and for Android September 2018.
    • Android users will read this post here so they will unlock the ability to download Online Content and complete courses when they are online or offline (previously this was only available on iOS). This is an important step forward to enable users to complete online training, even without being connected. Expected release = September 2018.
    • Learning content renderer for iOS: allows a wider range of Learning contents which uses iFrames, multiple tabs, etc. can be rendered without issues in the Mobile application. This will solve many issues clients are currently facing with the launch of online content via the mobile application. Currently only available for iOS, but expected to become available in Q4 2018 for Android.

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